New Laws for May 2011

Taking effect on 26th May 2011 the law regarding cookies within the EU will change. Rather than leaving users to opt-out, EU-owned websites must require users to opt-in where third-party cookies are involved. Given the large number of cookies used by some websites this may seem extreme, but under a strict interpretation of the new law, users must be asked for permission before placing such cookies.

Quote obtained from, which gives a good explanation of the EU directive and the law

At MBA-Courses, we take privacy seriously. Because of that, if there is a chance that one of our banners or buttons may drop a 3rd party cookie on your machine (e.g. if they are served from off our site) - we require that you confirm your consent for those cookies to be placed. This is a legal requirement for the European Union, and without that consent we will not show you those adverts or allow 3rd parties to place cookies on your machine from our website.

For the functionality of this website, there will be first party cookies placed on your machine. We do not need your consent for these, as they are required for the functionality of the site.

Further Reading on the subject, please review
  • ICO Guidelines on the new regulations
  • ICO Demonstration of Implementation
  • A Comprehensive analysis of the EU Law, with relevant sections highlighted
If you would like further information, please email us on .
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