Buckinghamshire New University and American Intercontinental University (AIU) have announced the creation of a dual MBA programme. This will allow students to earn two degrees from a one year course; a British Master of Business Administration and an American MBA in International Management.

The London branch of the AIU is based in Marylebone, and so students have the benefit of being able to study for an internationally recognised MBA without leaving the UK. This programme follows on from the popularity and success of their undergraduate degree programme which also offered a dual UK and US degree.

AIU was founded in 1970, and its London branch has four key faculties: business, fashion, interior design and visual communications. As well as this dual MBA it offers both US and UK bachelor’s degrees.

Prof Derek Godfrey, Deputy Vice Chancellor of Buckinghamshire New University, said that the dual MBA “will not only help to prepare students for professional and creative careers but will also open doors for graduates on a new level” due to its international focus and accreditation.

Randolf Cooper, the Vice President of Academic Affairs at AIU also places emphasis on the dual nature of the MBA, which offers “value for money” because students “will soon see that there are advantages in considering the option of attaining a truly international dual MBA without having to leave the UK.”

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