World’s first MBA specifically for lawyers

In recent years many MBA courses have included ever increasing numbers of specialist options or electives relating to specific industries, regions, economic activities and professions. However the Cass Business School (City University-London) went one step further in September (2006) and has been running an MBA specifically designed for lawyers.

The new legal MBA is being run in partnership with one of the City of London’s and the world’s premier legal firms (Lovells) and is in the form of an executive MBA taking some seven (7) years. The structure of the course is somewhat different as well, with students (after an initial foundation period) beginning with electives in business areas such as strategy and marketing, and then moving on to law related master classes and core modules. In more ‘normal’ MBAs, students start with core modules before moving on to electives.

Other than some of the academic differences, what really distinguishes this so-called first from some other established MBAs that have a large selection of specific legal elective subjects? Perhaps it is the involvement of the partner, sponsoring firms. In this case Lovells who is active in around twenty (20) countries is already looking to roll out this model in partnership with Cass in Hong Kong, Paris and New York.

Other City of London lawyers and international financial heavyweights are also showing interest in developing unique content MBAs. Cass has already started the process with Morgan Stanley. So expect to see more joint branding between leading commercial, financial and professional organisations and leading MBA suppliers and Business Schools.

In many ways this is a natural development of what MBA students have often attempted to do for themselves. That is, to find a prestigious and successful potential employer and then undertake an MBA in order to achieve promotional and career success. It seems some of the employers and some of the leading Schools are merely following students’ own aspirations.


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