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Deciding whether and how to take an mba program is – for many people – also a financial issue. MBA programs are not cheap, the fee is often substantial – but to this must be added the living costs, cost of materials, travel anf for full time programs – the loss of income for the period of the program. For many people therefore this is one of their largest financial decisions.

In some countries there are some tax benefits – e.g. the fees for certain types of program attract tax relief. Some people may be fortunate and get support from their employer – but many must pay for themselves, and many therefore seek out some form of financial aid to relieve some of the burden.

This page provides some information on the type and sources of financial aid that might be available in certain circumstances.

Support from business schools

Many schools offer their own Scholarship or Bursary Schemes. In some cases their support is available on a competitive basis – i.e. individuals apply, and are judged in some way. In some cases funds are made available to applicants from particular groups – that the School wishes to attract to their programs – e.g. people from particular countries, professions, ethnic groups etc. Some Schools provide earning opportunities e.g. Research Assistantships, to help offset fees. The best way of getting information is to check out the Schools to which you might apply e.g. look at their Prospectus, Web pages etc – and/or ask them. Some Schools also offer loans on beneficial conditions.

Support from other sources

Financial support may be available from Governments, Charities, Companies, Financial Institutions etc. There are two types – Grants/Scholarships and Bursaries, and Loans. The former may be awarded to you to cover some or all of your costs – and you will not be required to repay the funds, although there may be other conditions attached – e.g. that you return to your own country after completing you MBA. The latter will require repayment, but the interest rates will usually be lower – or the conditions of the loan beneficial in some other way – e.g. repayment period.

Notes: We have provided all the relevant information that we have. It is as accurate as we can make it – but always check with relevant source/organisation before taking any action.

Please also check out the Links page ay the AMBA Web site ( as there may be more information there about other Web sites that provide relevant information.

Often the financial support available will be for study in a particular country – so we have arranged the information below – by country – with a general category at the end.

This information is advisory only. We cannot provide assistance in securing funding.

Schemes which apply to one School only are not listed below.

Study in the USA

1. Loans


  • MEFA Loans ( For programs in the Massachusetts area
  • FAFSA. For US citizens – and in some cases for international students
  • GMAC Loans Program (Tel 1888 4404MBA,
  • International Student Loan Programs. Click here: (
  • – a comprehensive service for intending MBA students. Click

2. Grants and Scholarships

  • AAUW () For women
  • DuPont International Scholarships
  • Hansel Scholarships
  • IRC Asian Scholarships. For Asian students
  • MasterCard
  • GM/Circuit City Scholarships
  • Worrel Fellowships. For students from developing countries
  • Global Grant. For international students
  • BUNAC. Top-up Scholarship for British Graduates for study in USA or Canada
  • Kennedy Scholarships. For study at MIT or Harvard (Kennedy Memorial Trust)

Study in Europe

1. Loans

  • HSBC Bank
  • CitiBank
  • ABN AMRO. For Eastern European students at Rotterdam, IESE, London Bus School and INSEAD (Contact the Schools)
  • The Association of MBAs MBA Loan Scheme. Operates with the Bank of Scotland (tel (in the UK): 0500 313 111 / tel (outside the UK): 00 44 13 1549 8041) for British residence who have a place on an MBA programme accredited by The Association of MBAs or on selected leading MBA programmes around the world'
  • Career Development Loans. For UK people studying in the UK. (Career Devt Loans, Freepost, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE85 1BR)

2. Grants and Scholarships

Sainsbury Management Fellowships. For UK Engineering graduates for study at INSEAD, Rotterdam, Theseus, IMD (

General (for study in any country)

1. Loans
  • GradLoans (

2. Grants and Scholarships

  • Rotary Foundation (Rotary Center, 1560 Sherman AV, Evanston, IL 60201, USA.
  • World Bank, Grad Scholarship Program (1818 H Street NW, Room M 4035, Washington, DC 20433, USA. Tel: 202 4736849)
  • Inter-American Development Bank. For graduates from one of the 46 member countries for a program abroad. (1300 New York Av NW Stop W0602, Washington, DC 20577, USA)
  • Mary Lugard Scholarship. Tennable at 50 leading Schools worldwide (Tel: UK 0171 833 0120)
  • Charles Bell Fund. For UK citizens engaged in commerce and commercial education. (London Chamber of Commerce)
  • International Education Financial Aid (


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