MBA Spells Magic, Brilliant, Amazing

If you have an MBA from a British business school, such as Luton Business School, then you can expect things to change for the better. If you are already in, or plan a career in management, then an MBA is one of the most prestigious qualifications you can have.

And if your MBA is from a British school, then you can expect a magic combination of both management theory and management practice. Luton Business School, like many other British institutions of applied higher education, prides itself on its important balance of contemporary theory and practice. The core belief is that theory on its own is likely to be too rigid and constraining.

Practice without reference to theory, however, is likely to be a dangerous game of chance. By involving both staff and students, most of whom are industry managers, in the whole teaching experience, there is a powerful fusion of contemporary relevance and practice.

The British MBA programme of study is not designed to produce a production line of managers who all apply the same theories to every situation, but rather it encourages debate and values the differences between the organisations whose managers represent a typical MBA study group. In this way, it inspires its students to develop management solutions that are brilliant through their simple matches to an organisation's own strategic needs, culture and environment. Formula-driven, off-the-shelf techniques have no place in a programme that demands individual solutions developed by individuals.

By embarking upon a course of MBA study at Luton Business School, you will signal to your existing or future employers your commitment to taking charge of your own career and building your strategic skills in readiness for increased management responsibility. You may be tempted by the fact that on average the 8,000 people who study British MBA programmes every year increase their salaries by 27%. That's quite amazing and you'll also be amazed by the increase in your own self-confidence and your esteem among your peers.

If you feel that you would like to experience a British MBA programme, Luton Business School offers a variety of ways to study, including the Weekend Business School, the part time MBA and also the full-time programme which commences each Autumn. Amaze yourself; pick up the telephone and call the MBA Helpdesk at Luton Business School on + 44 (0) 1582 743945 and get full details of how you too can add a little magic to your career in management.

Author: Neville Hunt, Luton Business School, University of Luton


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