MBA Programs in New York

"The Big Apple", "The City that never Sleeps", "The Naked City"… New York City has earned many nicknames, but none more deserving the "The Worlds business Capital". Which is why more and more students from countries around the world are coming to New York City to earn the MBA degree today's employers value most: One that prepares well-rounded business managers for a global marketplace.

The world's economies are increasingly interdependent, so the ability to reconcile divergent interests is a highly valued business management skill. More and more business schools, such as Dowling College, actively recruit international students to ensure their classrooms more closely reflect today's business environment. New York City's richly diverse communities, schools and workplaces offer students nearly constant interaction with people of other nationalities and cultures - and ample opportunities to gain an understanding of, and respect for, foreign customs, perspectives and languages.

Employers today are also demanding more "well-rounded" business school graduates … those who have balanced their training in marketing, management and finance, with studies of music, drama, art and the social sciences. This emphasis on a more broad-based curriculum has practical, as well as less tangible benefits. An appreciation for art and culture often helps those of different nationalities transcend their differences. And the arts also serve graduates as a source of lifelong personal pleasure. Nowhere else in the United States is the arts society so well represented and so easily accessible as in New York City.

Above all, New York City offers an unparalleled opportunity for students to immerse themselves in the world's most vibrant commercial market. New York City, with over 75,000 companies - most multinational in scope - is home to virtually every enterprise known to man.

Nowhere else in the United States can business training be applied, tested and acquired more easily and effectively than here in New York City. The world's biggest companies, its greatest concentration of "intellectual capital", and its most prominent business institutions are right here in New York City. Business schools take full advantage of the City's resources by creating corporate partnerships, executive-in-residence and mentoring programs, and valuable internship opportunities.

The City's diverse community, the opportunity to acquire a broad, highly skilled business education and exposure to the world's most important marketplace, makes New York City the ideal destination for students of international business - now more than ever.

Author: Dr Anthony F Libertella, Dean of Dowling College School of Business


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