Morgan Stanley: Firm-Wide Recruiting

What is Morgan Stanley and what is the nature of your business?

Morgan Stanley is a truly global financial services firm, working with suppliers and users of capital all around the world. With headquarters in New York and London, Morgan Stanley's global franchise relies on a significant and vibrant operating presence in the world's major financial centres.

With over 60,000 employees operating in 700 offices across 28 countries, our goal is to be the employer of choice in the financial services industry, offering a constant learning environment and opportunities to advance based on performance. We devote substantial resources to developing our human capital. We seek, collectively, the deepest possible knowledge of global markets and the ability to apply it.

What is your MBA Recruitment Strategy in Europe?

Morgan Stanley believes that people are the source of our competitive advantage. Our franchise is built upon dedicated and talented professionals who consistently set industry standards of expertise and leadership. Therefore we seek outstanding individuals from diverse backgrounds, with a proven track record of excellence at Europe's top MBA schools including Insead, London Business School and IESE to join our business.

Appointed school teams, made up of Business School alumni are responsible for sourcing suitable candidates from their schools. Through presentations, information sessions and seminars, it is the schools' responsibility to network with the students and provide pertinent information.

Selection Process

Interviewing is competency based. In order to identify the required competencies, a job analysis is conducted which looks at peak performers. This process reviews responsibilities, behaviours, competencies and knowledge allowing us to identify our selection criteria. The criteria will vary according to the division's function and the role specification.

To help graduates prepare for their interviews, Morgan Stanley's Graduate web site contains a section called "Interview Primer" which provides recommended reading, common interview questions and answers to frequently asked questions.

Is Morgan Stanley looking for specific graduate backgrounds?

We are looking for candidates who excel not only in their academic studies but also in extracurricular activities, and who believe they have what it takes to succeed in our business.

Morgan Stanley welcomes applications from students with non-finance backgrounds, believing the Firm has the instruments and expertise to teach these skills. However, candidates clearly need to be able to demonstrate highly analytical reasoning, along with a passion and understanding of the business. In line with the Firm's core values, a great emphasis is also placed on integrity, excellence, entrepreneurial spirit, respect and teamwork.

What are your expectations of new graduates and what can they expect from you?

Our selection process is rigorous. We are looking for individuals who will be the Firm's future leaders, who will live by our vision and values to ensure we become our clients' first choice. In return, we offer candidates the chance to work with colleagues of the highest calibre, providing clients with superior products and services built upon a wealth of intellectual capital in an innovative, entrepreneurial environment.

Summer Programme

Morgan Stanley offers a number of summer programmes which run for a 10 week period over the summer months to give MBAs a first hand experience in our industry. The programmes are small by design, to ensure a valuable educational experience and personal attention. Great emphasis is placed on practical training classes provided throughout the summer. The training is designed to help students select the area and job function within the division where their talents can be put to greatest use.


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