Studying an MBA in Asia

The best businesses are growing, have entrepreneurial spirit, are run by determined leaders, focus on pushing limits, and above all are constantly trying new things. Where better to study than on a continent that mirrors these assets?

Asia is a central hub in the business world. Studying for an MBA in such a rapidly growing business community has the potential to offer you a wealth of opportunity: experiencing a new culture, immersing yourself in a new business mindset, expanding your professional network internationally – the benefits of taking this leap and studying in Asia could be endless.

International MBA programs in Asia are constantly growing in reputation. In India there are more than 2,500 business schools that offer two year MBA programs. Amongst these schools is the Indian Institute of Management, the oldest institute for management education in India. Other Asian countries such as China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan and Korea are well known for offering global MBAs, where English-only program are available.

Study benefits

The relative cost-effectiveness of studying in Asia is an important factor in the decision process of many MBA students. International students can live affordably in Asia and get a broad international business experience whilst immersing themselves in a very different, and often unique, culture.

There is also the possibility of learning a foreign language, a massive benefit in the business world (Mandarin Chinese is the undisputed language of business), and of learning to work in a different commercial mindset - something that is essential when working in international business.

Asia is emerging as the fastest growing economic powerhouse in the world, and is offering more and more opportunities for students to study and to make a name for themselves in the business world. As Asia is growing and expanding it needs new leaders in business. It is the perfect time to become part of this growth. 

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