Studying an MBA in Australia

Doing your MBA in Australia could be a hugely positive step in the development of your career, as well as offering you an unforgettable international experience. But is an MBA program in Australia is the best choice for you?

Why Australia? 

Australia is one of the most desirable places in the world to live and this is why so many international students come here to study. In 2011 there were an estimated 460,000 international students studying in Australia, which means if you choose to go there you will not feel out of place. Australia combines the best of European, Middle Eastern and Asian culture and is able to offer students a truly international experience - an experience that is certainly beneficial when studying a global subject such as business through an MBA.

What MBA programs are offered in Australia?

The MBA courses in Australia are designed for people who want to study across many different business and management disciplines. The MBAs on offer are full time and part-time, and there is also the option to study online or at a distance. A typical MBA program can last between 18 months and five years, depending on how quickly you progress with your study.

You will have to take core classes to make up the foundation of your MBA program, which will give you a well-rounded knowledge of business. They will be in relative topics such as finance, marketing, leadership, accounting and management. You will then have the chance to specialise in your specific field of study – for example if you are interested in marketing you will take classes such as marketing management, marketing research and consumer behaviour.  

What are the costs of studying an MBA program in Australia?

The cost of doing your MBA in Australia varies greatly depending on which school you decide to go to. For example the University of Ballarat charges significantly less ($18,000 AUD or around £11,700) than the University of Melbourne ($52,000 AUD or £34,000). There are of course numerous other universities that fall in between them on the cost scale.

Can I get a visa to stay and work in Australia after graduation?

Compared with other countries Australia is perhaps one of the harder places to get a visa to work in – it is hugely in demand. In order to get a visa you have to go through the Skilled Occupations List (SOL). 

The list changes frequently depending on what skills are needed, so you should never undertake an MBA program in Australia just because you think it will include you on the SOL - by the time you graduate things might have changed.

Just because you have studied your MBA program in Australia does not mean that you will automatically get a working visa. If you meet the requirements of the SOL and you have an employer who will sponsor you, you have a good chance of being awarded a working visa. For more information visit the Australian Government website, or the Department of Immigration and Citizenship.

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