Studying an MBA in Hong Kong

One advantage of studying at a business school in Hong Kong is the location - a city with such a rich business and entrepreneurial heritage offers a huge advantage for MBA students. Hong Kong's vibrant economic environment attracts businesses from all over the globe, giving graduates great career prospects.

Hong Kong is a dynamic, upbeat, 'can do' city and its business advantages are legendary. As well as everything else, it is on the doorstep of mainland China – placing it at the very heart of Asia.

What MBA programs are offered in Hong Kong?

There are many full and part time MBA programs offered in Hong Kong, so you can choose whether you want to take on an intensive or more spread-out workload. A typical full time MBA program in Hong Kong requires students to take compulsory classes in areas that will teach you essential skills, such as business law and ethics, and areas that will give you core knowledge - such as corporate finance and managerial economics. You will also be required to take electives in whichever area of business most interests you. This allows you to tailor your MBA program to meet your needs.

What are the costs of studying in Hong Kong?

The average cost of studying for your MBA in Hong Kong is HK$75,000- HK$120,000 per year, which is about £6,000-£10,000. If you decide to live in halls of residence or off campus in Hong Kong, you should expect to pay around HK$5,000 per semester which is only around £400 – an extremely good rate. In total you should put aside HK$30,000 - 60,000 (UK£2,400 – £4,800) per year for additional living costs.

Can international MBA graduates stay in Hong Kong to work after graduation?

International graduates who want to take up employment in Hong Kong will need to convince the Director of Immigration that they have, among other things, special skills, experience or knowledge of value to, or not readily available in, Hong Kong, or that they can make a substantial contribution to the economy.

Getting your MBA in Hong Kong will more than likely prove this. Unless you have a pre-arranged job and a supportive employer, it is difficult to obtain a visa to work in Hong Kong unless you are an entrant applying under the Quality Migrant Admission Scheme (QMAS). For further details about this scheme, see the Hong Kong Government website.

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