Studying an MBA in Japan

Japan has a wonderful vantage point in the heart of Asia and can offer MBA students a unique perspective of the world in a lively and fascinating global setting. The culturally diverse university campuses in Japan will enrich your educational experience. Added to this, Japan has some of the fastest growing industries in the world - making it the ideal environment in which to study business.

What MBA programs are offered in Japan?

MBAs in Japan consist of core MBA classes such as accounting, finance and marketing, as well as an advanced elective. The elective course could be in a foreign language or something similar, rather than in business. You will spend different amounts of time on your core classes and electives, depending on which particular MBA program you choose. You must also take an advanced seminar, which will be worth a smaller amount than your other courses.

What is the cost of studying for an MBA in Japan?

The cost of studying in Japan is relatively lower than other countries, making it a popular destination for MBA students. The average annual tuition fees for an MBA course are 802,000 Japanese Yen, which is about £6,200. It is estimated that to live in Tokyo for a month will cost you 150,000 Japanese Yen (about £1,200), but this will depend on your circumstances and the standard of living you are after. As Tokyo is a capital city, this figure will be less if you are living elsewhere in Japan.

Can international MBA graduates stay in Japan to work after graduation?

In order to work in Japan as an international MBA graduate you need to get a work visa. If you find a job and a company that will to sponsor you, you can apply for the work visa and have it issued without leaving the country. If you have work it is very likely your visa will be approved.

Alongside finding a company to give you a job you need the proper qualifications, so if you have a four-year degree from a reputable university or have studied for your MBA in Japan then that should be enough to secure you a working visa.

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