Studying an MBA in South Korea

The state of the art infrastructure, interesting and varied culture, climate, geography and good transport links to Asia and the rest of the world make South Korea an extremely desirable place to study. If you are thinking of entering an MBA program then South Korea is undoubtedly a very good option – nowhere in the world is developing so fast in terms of business.  

What MBA programs are offered in South Korea?

South Korea offers two types of MBA program: a general MBA and an executive MBA. The general MBA program lasts for two years, whereas the executive MBA lasts for 22 months (on Friday and Saturdays only). Executive MBA courses benefit a lot of people - they are designed to be studied whilst the student is working.

For both types of MBA core business modules must be taken in order to build the foundation of your degree. You then have the option to add electives that tailor your degree to meet your specific needs and interests. South Korean business schools offer the opportunity to concentrate in a variety of areas such as marketing, accounting, finance and strategy/organisation.

Can international MBA graduates stay in South Korea to work after graduation?

In South Korea in order to stay in the country for longer than ten days you must have a visa, and in order to work there you must apply for a work permit. These are not difficult to get, although it is an offence if you work without one so you should make it your first priority.

If you have your MBA from a South Korean business school you will be more likely to get a work permit, but you will also increase your chances if you have a job and a company who can sponsor you.

There are a number of websites that you can visit to help you with the visa application process:

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