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Future top MBA destination – Ireland?

November 27, 2014  |  
Lucy Miller

Snapshot of DublinIreland could become a future hotbed of MBA learning as a number of generous endowments from alumni makes the construction and opening of a new business school at Trinity College a reality.


Trinity provost Patrick Prendergast has spoken about how 20 of the university’s most successful friends and alumni have come together to finance Trinity Business School, all of them donating upwards of 500,000 Euros each.


The benefactors will all have their names inscribed on the building’s walls, according to the Financial Times.


The new business school, which already has a 47 acre site in Dublin earmarked, could be open by 2017, says to Prendergast, and  it is likely to have Andrew Burke, currently at Cranfield University School of Management, at its helm.


According to Prendergast the new business school, which is part of a five-year strategic plan for the almost 500-year-old college, will prevent Trinity being left behind in the business stakes. The Irish Institute of Management and University College Dublin have both already been offering executive education for a number of years.


Prendergast believes that Trinity needs “a business school commensurate with the university’s overall reputation” as the highest ranked university in Ireland and that the new venture will make Dublin a lucrative international hub for education.


Sean Melly, a donor and chairman of the school’s advisory board, adds that “business education at Trinity College has a long history, but it is no longer fit for purpose” and that “in order to remain a university of consequence, some areas had to be developed and strengthened, and one of those areas was the business school side. A modern university needs to be strong in business education.”


Prendergast also adds that he hopes the new business school, which will cater to both undergraduates and postgraduates, will help increase Trinity College’s non-EU student quota to 18% from the current 7.8%.

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