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MBA in aerospace management launched in Canada

February 16, 2015  |  
Lucy Miller

A new MBA specifically for those who want management careers with the aerospace industry is being launched in Canada.


HEC Montreal, in Quebec, has launched the AeroWorld MBA – a course that course will “Improve your knowledge of key management processes, then develop individual skills in aerospace management and discuss some of the most challenging issues facing the industry with world renowned experts in their field”, according to the university’s website.


The new MBA is designed to give the skills required for the growing industry to those who have ambitions to work within it at either a national or international management level.


The course has been designed to attract students who already have careers in management, but who are required to hone specific skills and gain knowledge that is essential for the aerospace sector.


The university calls the MBA an “outstanding opportunity to expand on your existing know-how and get connected with some of the leading organisations in the aerospace field.”


Montreal is one of the global centres for the aerospace industry, and students will work in conjunction with experts from the EBC AeroWorld Institute.


Professor in the department of logistics and operations management at HEC Montreal, Jacques Roy, cites research from Boeing that has found that “countries such as China and India will account for half of the projected sales of new commercial planes in the next 20 years. Building new planes implies long delays, uncertainty, large capital investments and long-term recovery.


“In this context, the aerospace industry not only needs highly competent engineers and scientists but also well-trained, strong managers and leaders with a strategic vision."


He adds: "Managers often start with scientific and technical backgrounds before moving into team or project management positions. But they are required to develop specific competencies. An MBA will give them the skills they need to be more comfort able in these roles and speed them up along their career paths."


HEC Montreal was founded in 1907 and is accredited by AACSB International, EQUIS and AMBA.

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