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Post-MBA salary increase less for women than for men

March 23, 2015  |  
Lucy Miller

executive-461652_1280Whilst an MBA is seen as a sure-fire way to give your salary a huge boost, research has revealed that this is more true for men than it is for women.


According to the Financial Times, whilst men can expect an average rise of 96% on their salary after the completion of their MBA, women fall short of this.


Female MBA graduates see on average a salary increase of 87% after they return to work, according to the publication.


In real terms, this means that men earn on average $137,000 after the completion of their MBA, compared to an average of £120,000 for women.


Before taking up an MBA, men earn $70,000 in comparison to women’s $64,000.


The Financial Times goes on to explain that this may be due to the sectors that women choose to work in, which are “softer” and lower paying than those chosen by their male peers.


Women are more likely to work within education or non-profits companies, for example, whilst men are more likely to go into the higher paying financial sector.


It points out, however, than even within the same industries there is a disparity between the sectors.


In the finance sector, men in Europe and North America were found to earn on average 10% more than their female peers, despite having the same qualifications.


The FT also reveals that more men reported being in senior or director positions than women, with the latter describing themselves as having “professional” rather than managerial jobs – suggesting that women also take longer to progress up the career ladder.

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