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The huge benefits of a Harvard Business School MBA revealed

June 23, 2015  |  
Lucy Miller

There’s no doubt that the benefits of an MBA from Harvard Business School are recognised across the world – but now they’ve been laid out explicitly by a professor on Quora.


According to Berkeley professor Steve Tadelis, who was taking part in a Q&A session, the benefits of graduating from Harvard with an MBA are primarily threefold.


Tadelis describes the investment of a Harvard MBA as being like “buying three products.”


Here’s what he had to say…


The prestige that comes with being accepted.


Being accepted onto the MBA programme at Harvard is only valuable, says Tadelis, if you graduate – but then, the majority of the MBA class do. The prestige comes from knowing that "I was up against some of the smartest people with high GMAT scores and I was one of the 10% or so that got admitted!" A confidence and a career boost all in one, before your MBA has even started. Study for a Harvard MBA and business leaders will be listening before graduation has even crossed your mind.


The strongly case-based curriculum


The relatively unique syllabus offered by Harvard Business School – the use of a large number of cases rather than a more mixed style of learning that is popular at other top business schools – is one that will provide you with a set of strong frameworks that will guide your business and leadership decision making from then on, according to Tadelis.


The varied networking opportunities


Tadelis doesn’t pretend that Harvard Business School avoids nepotism in its recruitment process – but points out that this self-conscious choice to include “those who were born into the right circumstances” as well as the “best and brightest” allows residual benefits across the whole of the school’s alumini network.


He explains by stating that “Harvard may be second to none in the size and influence of their network. Part of it is engineered: given the very large class size, they can afford to accept people who have the right ties and connections… which complements (sic) the other exceptional students that they admit, forming a very powerful network of people who are self made and those who were born into the right circumstances.”


And if you can benefit from the existing connections of your well-connected classmates, well – who wouldn’t want that?


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