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Each program is comprised of 14 3-credit courses (42 credit hours) and is divided into 3 groups of courses; the 1st group, or 'cornerstone courses' provides students with a solid academic foundation upon which the 2nd group, or 'core courses' is built; this 2nd group gives students the necessary knowledge and skills to be effective managers in a marketplace that is increasingly global and technological; the 3rd group, or 'concentration courses' allows students the opportunity to develop further a specific area of interest.

Core modules: Financial accounting analysis; principles of management; management communication; money banking and financial markets; statistics for managers; managerial economics; legal environment for business; international management; quantitative methods for business; information systems technology; plus 4 options from: human resource management; multinational management; strategic management; small business management; operations management; organizational behavior; directed research; management project; electronic commerce.

Additional Entry Requirements:
Degree in a relevant subject.
Further information:
Degree in a relevant subject.

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