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    * Leadership development: Through classroom teaching and personal coaching, students embark on a journey of self-awareness and personal development, identifying strengths and areas of improvement and putting their aspirations into a coherent and dynamic learning plan for the future.
    * Entrepreneurship: ALBA is one of the elite European Business Schools in entrepreneurship, as demonstrated by the exceptional performance of our student teams in the European Business Plan of the Year Competition (EBPYC). Students spend four months working on a business plan for a new venture, either to grow an existing business or to create a start-up, and are expected to deliver attainable results.
    * Holistic Perspective:"In Search of Phronesis", "Psychoanalyzing Organizations", "The Business Integration Simulation Game" are just a few of the truly unique courses that, put together, present a holistic perspective on business.

TUITION FEES: 19750 Euro – International students are eligible for scholarship up to 100% on accommodation and up to 50% on tuition fees
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