MBA COURSES Tuesday 29th Jan 2019

Don't you have time for anything?

  1. Productivity is not about getting the most done, it's about doing the least. 
  2. When we run out of time, it's better not to think about where we can get the extra hours in the day. And what of the things we do that are worth killing.
  3. The most effective productivity question is not "how to get it done?" but "who can do it?"
  4. And "why would he do it?" by the way. The funny thing is, if we don't find the answer to "why does he need it" - chances are we don't really need it either 😉
  5. Productivity is judged not by the amount done - but by the size of the result.
  6. When we start doing something with our hands, our brains usually turn off. Because "what's there to think about - you have to shake it." As a result, we do a lot, but the amount of undone work only increases.
  7. From this follows an unnatural consequence. If we want to increase productivity, we have to free up time not to do anything with our hands, but to think with our heads. For example, what is written above.