Deciding whether to take an MBA is for most people a question of money. MBA programs are not cheap – especially when you add to tuition fees your essential living costs, cost of course materials and books, and travel –to name just three examples. Factor in the loss of income that you might have to deal with whilst you are taking your MBA, and it becomes easy to see why for many people an MBA is a vast financial commitment.

Some people may be fortunate and get support from their employer – especially with Executive MBAs that are studied whilst the student is working. Many MBA students, however, must pay for themselves. Searching for MBA funding is extremely common.

Support from business schools

Many schools offer their own scholarship or bursary schemes. In some cases their support is available on a competitive basis – i.e. individuals apply, and are judged in some way. In some cases funds are made available to applicants from particular groups that the school wishes to attract to their programmes – e.g. people from particular countries, professions or ethnic groups.

Some schools provide earning opportunities, for example research assistantships, to help offset fees. The best way of getting information is to check out the schools to which you might apply.

Support from charities and scholarships

Financial support may be available from governments, charities, companies or financial institutions. There are various types – grants, scholarships, bursaries, and loans.

Grants may be awarded to cover some or all of your costs. You will not be required to repay the funds, although there may be other conditions attached – e.g. that you return to your own country after completing your MBA. Loans will require repayment, but the interest rates will usually be lower, or the conditions of the loan beneficial in some other way. 

Notes: We have provided all the relevant information that we have. It is as accurate as we can make it – but always check with relevant source/organisation before taking any action.

Often the financial support available will be for study in a particular country – so we have arranged the information below – by country – with a general category at the end.

This information is advisory only. We cannot provide assistance in securing funding.

Schemes which apply to one School only are not listed below.

Study in the USA

1. Loans

  • MEFA Loans For programs in the Massachusetts area
  •                                                                              FAFSA             For US citizens – and in some cases for international students
  • International Student Loan Programs.
  • – a comprehensive service for intending MBA students.

2. Grants and Scholarships

  • AAUW Provides financial support for women
  • MasterCard Global Scholarship Program
  • Global Grant. A wide variety of scholarships for international students
  • BUNAC. Top-up Scholarship for British Graduates for study in USA or Canada
  • Kennedy Scholarships. For study at MIT or Harvard (Kennedy Memorial Trust)

Study in Europe

1. Loans

  •  Professional and Career Development Loans . For UK people studying in the UK.

2. Grants and Scholarships

 Sainsbury Management Fellowships . For UK Engineering graduates for study at INSEAD, Rotterdam, Theseus and IMD.

General (for study in any country)

1. Loans
  •  GradLoans

2. Grants and Scholarships

  •  Rotary Foundation
  •  World Bank, Grad Scholarship Program 
  •  DuPont International Scholarships 
  •  International Education Financial Aid

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