MBA COURSES Tuesday 29th Jan 2019

Better "before" or "after"?

  1. Both aspiring and experienced entrepreneurs have mentors or just people with whom they discuss business. I think I've fumbled the difference in what issues they discuss.
  2. Beginning entrepreneurs ask "before how to" questions like "how to do?", "how best to do?", They are afraid to make a mistake. Even though all business is built on mistakes.
  3. Everything that most people think is right has already been done before us. We take what most people think is questionable and wrong (and therefore do not do it), we check and ... in 99% of cases, it turns out that it really was a mistake. And 1% of the time we're right about what most people thought was wrong. And this 1% and make up success in business.
  4. Experienced entrepreneurs discuss "after the fact." They discuss conclusions from what they've already done.
  5. Most physical discoveries were made when scientists studied (tested) one thing and found something completely different and unexpected. This is why it is so important to discuss conclusions to see unexpected details and related issues--which are worth exploring in the next stage of making mistakes. In discussing conclusions, a second fresh look can be helpful because our eyes can get washed out by where we started.
  6. Shorter. Are you going to do something? Do it. Don't be afraid to make a mistake-it's perfectly normal. Even on the contrary - a big score can be made, as long as most people think it's a mistake, and you'll be right. Although, if you take into account the regularity of making physical discoveries - you will turn out to be right not at all in what you were sure in the beginning 😉