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Most international MBA programs place an emphasis on strategic management, so it’s no surprise to see some business schools delve a little deeper by focusing an entire MBA program on strategy.

Being strategically capable is a huge advantage to a business. It’s not just about being able to plan for the future effectively – it’s about being able to see far enough ahead to influence the future, rather than reacting to it. Being strategically successful helps companies align their activities in order to ensure long-term success.

What will I study on an MBA in strategy?

An MBA specialisation in strategy should give you the key skills and contacts needed to forge a high level business career. You should expect your MBA in strategy to focus on topics such as organisational structure, market development and industry analysis. It should also include core business modules like accountancy and finance, marketing and economics.

Some modules you may study on an MBA in strategy include:

  • Corporate strategy
  • Incentives and organisation
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Strategic corporate social responsibility

Length and structure

An international MBA program in strategy will normally take between 1-2 years to complete full time. Part-time and modular programs are available – you should an extra year of study onto these modes of study.

Most courses will be split between core business modules in the first semester or years, and a series of electives in the second part of the course. Assessment will be by group discussions, essays, exams and a final project or dissertation.

How can an MBA in strategy program help my career?

Strategic management is high level and often occurs at executive management level. Becoming a specialist in this field will allow you to move into a more senior management or planning role, or even into consultancy.

Some of the jobs you may be able to do after graduating include:

  • Operations manager
  • Head of product development
  • Management consultant

Entry requirements

Each MBA in strategy program will have different entry requirements depending on the country, institution and mode of study. You should expect to have to demonstrate previous business knowledge and experience, as well as having a high GMAT score.

Most international MBA programs will require you to demonstrate the following:

  • A set period of relevant work experience
  • Previous management qualification
  • GMAT score
  • Language proficiency
  • Successful interview

What to do next

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