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American Universities are recognized worldwide for their high level of education and facilities as well as the campus life experience that's unique to the USA. You now have the opportunity to combine the life changing experience of living abroad with the excitement of a USA campus as well as benefit from gaining a professional globally recognized degree.

Happy StudentsFor many years, studying in the US has been portrayed as expensive and inaccessible. However, due to our network and partners we can GUARANTEE that you will receive at least 9 scholarships or you receive a full refund on our fee.

You will also discover that in many cases Go Campus may be able to provide Universities in the USA with a lower cost option than studying in the UK or in other countries across around the world.

Are you interested in completing a semester,a year or a full bachelors or master's degree program in the USA? If so please contact us for more information and begin the experience of a lifetime!

About scholarship programs

We guarantee that every Go Campus student will receive Nine (9) scholarships. Because of our partnerships we are able to secure and negotiate the maximum scholarship available. We appreciate that the admission process is complex and are committed to providing guidance and support to students to help you make that crucial decision that will have an impact on your future.

Fluency in English is not essential, but we recommend you to prepare for a test on the use of English as a Second Language (ESL). If you are familiar with the language you need to take a test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL). We will try our best to offer you a choice of location, but this cannot be guaranteed.

There is absolutely no financial risk to students who apply through us for the Go Campus program. If we cannot provide nine options, a full refund is provided. When you apply through Go Campus, we ensure help at every stage of the scholarship application process, saving you costs and time. We track your application and ensure that you are informed in advance of each development.

Participating Institutions

Go Campus works with colleges and universities throughout the United States and Canada. We are able to choose the best for you as we understand your preferences and are able pick schools that are the nearest match for your personality and career goals.

Most of our partner schools have obtained recognitions and awards from the following organizations: The Princeton Review: Best Colleges, US News and World Report: America's Best Colleges, The Templeton Guide: Colleges That Encourage Character Development, The Barron's 300: Best Buys in College Education, & CLA Learning Report.

Whether you are in New York or San Francisco or at a university deep in the heart of America, Campus life is exciting, fun, full of learning and an experience that you will cherish.

Colleges and universities are different only in terms of size and variety of courses they offer, but the quality of education is uniformly high. Several colleges can be located in a university campus enabling students to move within the campus to pursue their studies.

The Campus dream remains unchanged!

Fee Structure

There are considerable costs involved in completing a degree. However, GoCampus scholarships can make the cost of studying in the USA much more affordable than you think and often times comparable to studying in the UK.

When we provide you with a scholarship report the cost you will receive will include all of the following, which helps when budgeting:

  • Tuition (lessons, teaching, administrative support, use of premises, facilities, materials and infrastructures);
  • Housing (generally on campus);
  • Food (a meal plan)

The Go Campus Academic Program commits to generate a minimum of Nine (9) scholarship offers including:
Minimum of 1 scholarship with yearly cost below $12,000 (inc. tuition, housing and meals)



Go Campus takes great pride that it is able to assist keen Athletes who strive for excellence in the classroom and on the field, gain scholarships for entry in US universities. 

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