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The Copenhagen Business School
Full-Time MBA Program "¦ A Unique Experience


Restricted in size and selective in admission, this is an exclusive MBA program with a population of smart, engaged, experienced, pleasant, and extremely international students. CBS is not a student factory but a thought machine where student brains are charged and challenged in various ways from day one. The program has state-of-the-art coverage of all core management disciplines combined with relevant elective courses all taught by world-class faculty. The courses reflect a Scandinavian management style where social responsibility permeates the entire curriculum. Creative thinking and entrepreneurship are central aspects of the program.


Leadership skills are honed through a personal discovery pro-cess that offers unique mentoring sessions to share ideas with seasoned executives. Classes are conducted in an informal learning atmosphere where knowledge and understanding is formed by selective expertise and joint reflection. Everything can be questioned and challenged in the quest for new insight "¦ and it is paramount to have fun in the process.


"If you have the ambition to become a driving force in shaping the global business community of tomorrow, I urge you to consider joining the CBS Full-Time MBA program and excel your aspirations."

Torben Juul Andersen
Professor and Associate Dean


Attracts the best minds to Denmark


The Copenhagen MBA
The one-year full time MBA at Copenhagen Business School attracts talented professionals from around the globe to Denmark for an intensive and collaborative learning experience. International in outlook, the foundation of our program is based on Scandinavian thinking which is characterized by trust, teamwork and respect for the individual. During the MBA, you will get a chance to explore the Scandinavian leadership approach and work with successful executives and professionals as mentors and coaches.


Our MBA is a well-balanced program, designed to prepare you to manage, lead and transform businesses and make a difference. You learn to master the business essentials through the core courses; the leadership discovery process takes you on a journey of personal and professional development, and the entrepreneurship component develops your capacity for creative thinking and identifying business opportunities.


Cross-disciplinary Approach
CBS takes a cross disciplinary approach in our education as well as research. As an MBA participant, you will learn to deal with complex business challenges with a broad mind, as well as creating synergy and integration across functional areas of management. During the strategy project, you learn to deal with ambiguities and complicated real time strategic challenges. You will learn to appreciate multiple perspectives and open up to new methodologies and perspectives.


Strong Danish Business Environment
Being one of the most competitive economies in the world, Denmark offers a wealth of successful and innovative businesses which are always happy to be engaged in our activities. You will find a strong corporate presence from Denmark and abroad, who work alongside us as speakers, recruiters and clients of strategy projects. Each year, a high profile successful business leader assumes the role of goodwill Ambassador of the program.


Worlds Most Liveable City
"Copenhagen treats residents to a lifestyle that"s hard to match: a combination of good ideas, good planning and manageable scale".


This is how the renowned lifestyle magazine Monocle described Copenhagen when ranking it number 2 in the world for most liveable cities in June 2010.
The Copenhagen Business School - Full-Time MBA Program" border=
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