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Master of Business Administration

It's a whole new world. New ways of thinking. New ways of doing business. It's about communicating across cultures, working in teams, and understanding and integrating all aspects of business management, from planning to production to marketing.


If you want to be part of it, start with the NEOCON Master of Business Administration, a 21st century education designed to the new economy. Built on a rested tradition of business education at a distingushed university, the NEOCON MBA is a ground breaking program where you'll put theories and knowledge into actual practice. You'll combine knowledge from a wide range of disciplines as you discover how to work with people, technology, and resourses in innovative ways.


You will be taught by teams of academically credentialed business professionals and explorer relevant business issues with the teas of fellow students.You'll be drawn on the worldwide resources of the University of Dubuque's programs in the American Midwest and Southeast Asia. And when you finish your NEOCON MBA, you'll be ready to take your place in the new economy.



It's Global. It's cross-disciplinary. It's practical...
It's the NEOCON MBA.


Ready to take your place in the new economy? If you'd like more information about the University of Dubuque NEOCON MBA.


Contact the MBA Program Office at (319) 589-3300 or email


Or mail to the University of Dubuque, NEOCON MBA Program Office, 2000 University Avenue, Dubuque, IA, 5201 USA.

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