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La Salle"s involvement in education stretches back three centuries and across all five continents. The reasons for its success, manifested in higher education in its 74 universities, include its ability to foresee and adapt to the needs and challenges of education at different times and in different cultural environments. La Salle is renowned as a prestigious, non-elitist institution.


The Experiential Online Master Programs in Business Administration (MBA) and E-business (MEB) offer a unique opportunity to study with a revolutionary learning methodology where: students learn-by-doing, get managerial skills and solve real-world problems by performing professional job roles. A set of real-business scenarios designed by international experts which lead students to get professional experience through online collaborative working and mentor support. No textbooks and no exams, just real-life professional evaluation.

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Business Administration

Experiential MBA Online


The Experiential MBA Online is focused on the development of the necessary skills and competences to be a manager, businessman or entrepreneur capable of directing and leading organizations within a global scope and a highly competitive environment.


Read the Experimental MBA Online electronic brochure here


Read the Experimental MBA Online electronic brochure here

This education methodology is unique for an Online MBA program due to the fact that the learning process is 100% practical: you work and learn just the way it is done in real companies, all these with a flexible schedule that allows the student to combine his/her job, master program and personal life.


La Salle has a history of more than three hundred years educating generations and twenty eight years delivering MBA programs; it is a global reference of superior education.


The Experiential MBA Online is framed within La Salle"s teaching vocation since it offers a differential and an added value education, distinguished by its focus on values, innovation, technology application and entrepreneurial initiative, enhancing adequate professional practices and socially responsible companies.


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Experiential MBA Online Contact information:


La Salle Business Engineering School (BES)
c/ Sant Joan de La Salle, 42 Barcelona (SPAIN)


Information and Admissions:
Phone number: +34 93 290 24 54
Email address:


Master in E-Business
Read the Master in E-Business electronic brochure here
Read the Master in E-Business electronic brochure here


In the new era of digital economy, business models have evolved and companies have an urgent need to be more and more competitive, which involves the adoption of new strategies based on electronic business.


LaSalle E-Business programs introduce a very detailed focus on the key aspects of the analysis, conception and development of e-commerce projects. It include issues such as decision making to launch or expand technological projects such as mobile solutions, web interface design, the implementation of privacy policies for an e-commerce website or electronic payment mechanisms, among others.


These programs are based on the performance of practical situations, just as a working professional would do it. Each case has a real time project schedule; therefore the tasks are done within weeks, just as it would in a real company.


This program switch from passive listening to the fulfillment of dynamic tasks, and provides real environments that give the student the opportunity to be a part of the decision making process, team working and performance of activities related to their future job.


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Master in E-Business Contact information:


Sant Joan de La Salle, 42
08022 Barcelona, Spain


Phone number: +34 932 902 377
Email address:

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