Top MBA Courses in the USA

(According to US News)

1. Harvard University  (Massachusetts), as would be expected of a top Ivy League school, has impressive statistics: salary increases of 116% for graduates and 90% employment rates three months after graduation might be the main pulls for those looking into MBA study in the US. The reputation of Harvard Business School is also likely to draw in applications.

1. Stanford University (California) is in joint first place, according to US News’ rankings. Situated in sunny California, Stanford is one of the most respected universities in the US. The employment rate of Stanford MBA graduates is 92% and salaries after graduation are inflated by an average 115%.

3. University of Pennsylvania is the second Ivy League university in the US News top ten. Its MBA courses are provided by the internationally renowned Wharton School of Business. Graduates of the Pennsylvania MBA see an average salary increase of 123%, and 84% are in employment three months after graduation.

4. Massachusetts Institute of Technology sees 89% of its MBA graduates successfully in employment three months after graduation. They can expect post-graduation salary increases of 121%. MIT is one of the most academically respected institutions in the world, and its MBA courses are provided by the Sloan School of Management.

4.Northwestern University (Illinois) can boast that 87% of graduates who reported back after three months were in employment. The average salary increase is 46% for its MBA graduates, who hone their skills at the Kellogg School of Management. Northwestern University is found in vibrant and bustling Chicago.

4. University of Chicago (Illinois) ties with Columbia for sixth place in the US News MBA league tables. Its graduates have on average a 109% salary increase as a result of completing the course, and 89% of them were in employment after three months. Chicago as a city has been a respected leader in US higher education for more than 150 years.

7. University of California Berkley is found in the north of California. Its MBA programmes offer an 86% graduate employment record and an average 68% salary increase for graduates.  California, with its booming business and entrepreneurial opportunities, is also likely to be a tempting destination for those studying for MBAs.

8. Columbia University (New York) is the third Ivy League institution to make it into the US News top ten, and its enviable academic reputation is reflected in its statistics: graduates see their salaries increase by an average of 117%, and 90% are in employment three months after graduation.

9.Dartmouth College (Hanover) A new entry to the top ten MBA business schools, the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College offers programs specialising in e-commerce, real estate and human resource management. 82.2% of graduates of the full-time program go into work immediately.

10. Yale University (Connecticut) The Yale MBA allows students to study raw cases, which places emphasis on studying a broad range of materials including stock charts and articles – a departure from traditional business case studies. Notable alumni include Indra Nooyi, CEO of PepsiCo and Gail Harrity, CEO of the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

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