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MBA COURSES Thursday 12th Mar 2015
Geneva Business School
Geneva Business School
About Us

Geneva Business School
(GBS) is part of an established group of learning institutions, which includes some of the most renowned and the most progressive schools in Switzerland. GBS is currently present in different countries including a Campus in Barcelona (Spain) and in Moscow (Russia). Other campuses will soon be opening in Casablanca (Morocco) and in Dubaï (U.A.E).

We pride ourselves on providing an outstanding international environment for undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate students as our programs are planned with the most innovative educational concepts taught by an international faculty.

  • To deliver a superior education through its team of professional faculty with highest academic qualifications holding relevant industry experience.
  • To dedicate all the available resources of GBS worldwide for the preparation of students in the fields of business administration and finance.
  • To encourage students to aim high and develop their unique potentials so they may rapidly become productive members of their community and society.
  • To respond to the needs of our students through dedicated administrative services, advising, tutoring, and mentoring.

Why you should choose Geneva Business School (GBS)

Anyone in venture capital will tell you the following: “When you are investing in something, you are not just buying into the product, but the people behind it.” The idea behind business management and finance education may always be the same, but it is the implementation which will make or break your business. 

The Geneva Business School is dedicated to have the best people behind the best product you will invest in for your future. We offer a solid education which thrives on achieving the two most important goals in business management and finance education: “Being Closer to Business and Being Closer to You.”

Training philosophy
Small multicultural classes with a dedicated and experienced faculty enable lessons to be a highly beneficial and personalized experience valued by all students. Additionally, our approach to education is not purely theoretical and focuses mainly on practical and actual market needs.

Highly qualified faculty
Our experienced and highly qualified professors and faculty members provide guidance and counseling through a dedicated ‘career workshop’ support team. Through the continuous support provided during the GBS study experience, students’ aspirations are nurtured and encouraged through a structured, professional mindset.

Mentoring & Career Support Center
Our team of mentors is made up of some of Switzerland’s finest to help bring students and enterprises together. For the candidates with proven track records and good work ethics, combined with outstanding academic achievement, exclusive internships are available with international organizations and corporations working closely with Geneva Business School.

Campus Info

Geneva, Switzerland
Geneva Business School in Geneva is located beside the heart of the international neighborhood, rightfully known as 'Nations', between the World Trade Organization and the United Nations. The campus has classrooms of many different sizes and an I.T. room with student access to the school's network as well as highspeed wifi connection throughout the entire school. 

Students have access to the enormous United Nations library located only a ten minute walk from our campus and receive a security badge for the UN when enrolled from day one. The UN boasts one of the largest libraries in the whole of Europe.

Geneva Business School in BarcelonaBarcelona, Spain
Geneva Business School in Barcelona is the home for high quality education. Our Campus is conveniently located, only a few minutes away from Barcelona's top attractions. A city with a very strong focus on innovation, it attracts a large number of entrepreneurs and is today one of the most dynamic cities in Europe.

Moscow, Russia Geneva Business School Campus in Moscow
Geneva Business School Campus in Moscow offers a complete infrastructure for all Academic and Student needs. From the Auditorium to the Swiming pool, from the Classroom to the Gymnasium, all the facilities are spacious and modern. Our Moscow Campus and Programs are provided in partnership with the prestigious Moscow School of Social and Economic Sciences (MSSES).

Information for International Students

Geneva Business School offers intakes in either February or Septmeber for all of its programs and allows for students to do an Exchange program within our campuses so to gain exposure to new international and multicultural environments.

All of our programs in all campuses are taught in English.

Geneva Business School students in Switzerland
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