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Peking University HSBC Business School
Peking University HSBC Business School
History of HSBC Business School

Peking University HSBC Business School (PHBS) was founded in 2002 as Peking University Shenzhen Business School with the intent of advancing PKU's involvement in global finance research and establishing a first-tier business graduate program in southern Mainland China. PHBS enrolled its first class in 2004, and began accepting international students in 2009. Since then, the school has expanded to offer Full-Time Master's programs, Dual-Master's programs with several partner universities, an Executive MBA program, and numerous Executive Development programs.

Students at Peking University HSBC Business SchoolOn August 30th 2008, HSBC recognized the significant potential of the business school and awarded the school with a 150 million Renminbi grant. As a symbol of appreciation for HSBC's generosity, the school officially changed its name to Peking University HSBC Business School.

In September 2011 HSBC Business School passed the EFMD EPAS Accreditation process for the Master of Economics program. The school also received AACSB eligibility in November 2009, and is on track to complete the accreditation process.

Studying at Peking UniversityCurrently PHBS enrolls over 800 Master degree students, over 100 MBA students, more than 350 EMBA, and oversees 1,000 EDP professionals. The international student body is currently made up of more than 80 students from 37 various countries.

PHBS uniquely teaches its full-time graduate classes solely in English and has approximately 35 English-speaking international faculty with advanced doctoral degrees from top institutions from outside Mainland China to bring an internationally focused education to the school.Peking University HSBC Business School is one of the few business schools in Mainland China offering masters degrees conducted entirely in English. The university also requires international students to take Chinese language courses in order to enhance their chances of acquiring work in the Chinese marketplace post graduation. PHBS strives to provide a comprehensive, transnational educational experience, and is constantly expanding upon the research and international exchange opportunities for its students.
Quick Facts  
Founded: 2004
Degrees Offered for International Students Master of Economics
Master of Finance
Master of Management
Duration of Program: International Master's Programs: 2 years 
Thesis Requirement: Yes
Number of Full-time Faculty: 52
Part-time and Visiting Faculty: 3
Average Class Size Mandatory: 60
  Elective: 15
Number of Students in Incoming Class: 309
By Program: Finance: 169;
  Economics: 62;
  Management: 78
Acceptance Rate: 21%
Annual Tuition Cost: ¥60,000 (˜$9,400)
On-Campus Housing Available: Yes
Public Transportation into Shenzhen: Yes
Alumni Employment Rate (3 months within graduation): 100%
Incoming Class Number of Applicants: 153
(International Students) Number Enrolled: 40
  Master of Economics: 7
  Master of Finance: 11
  Master of Management: 22
Current International Number of International Students: 83
Students Profile Countries Represented: 37
Scholarship Availability School-Sponsored scholarships Available: Yes (Merit-based only)
  School Career Development Stipends Available: Yes
  Government-Sponsored Scholarships Available: Yes
  TA/Research Assistant positions available: Yes
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