MBA COURSES Wednesday 30th Jan 2019
IÉSEG School of Management

Name: Maria Alvins Parra

Class: Grande École Program student

Country: Venezuela

IÉSEG is the perfect option if you are interested in receiving a very complete management education and interacting in a multicultural environment. During my time at the School, I have met lot of great people, including many international students, with whom I share similar interests. The staff has a lot of experience with international students and is bilingual so you can easily communicate with them. I find the program in itself to be very well rounded and contemporary, the courses are interactive and the professors are experts in the fields they teach. At the end of every academic year students undertake internships, which helps put into practice the theory we’ve learned in our classes.

Maria Alvins Parra

Name: Caleb K. Victor

Class: MSc in International Business


Being a biologist I wanted to learn a little bit more about business in a short span of time. I found the MIB programme exactly suited my need and was also less of a constraint on my budget when compared to other similar programmes in France. Scholarship was very interesting. Studying in any country other than France was not an option. I could further choose 50% of the courses I wanted. Thus the MIB was perfect for me.

I am very satisfied with the courses as I got more than what I expected. I also got the opportunity to interact with amazing people from more than 15 countries and made friends whom I visit even now when I travel to their countries now. The IESEG network is good for those who have not taken up business or economics in their under graduation and are looking forward to understand how things work.

MIB is intensive but after finishing it one still has many options. That is why it is important to define your needs and take courses which will help you to put your eggs in the right basket. To work in France, one has to speak French as it is the key prerequisite. It not only helps work in France but understand the culture better to get a full French experience.

Caleb K. Victor

Name: Yeonhae (Ann) Lee

Class: MSc in Fashion Management

Country: China

Every minute at IÉSEG was fast-paced, packed with new experiences and discoveries. The time spent at IÉSEG Paris was a rewarding experience providing me with a deep and through fundamental academic knowledge, which I continue to practically apply to my professional pursuits.

It helped me to better understand what would be required to succeed within a dynamic business environment. The interactive class structures enable students to learn from one another and to develop invaluable organizational, teamwork and leadership skills. Meeting many friends from multi-cultural backgrounds with the same goals and ambitions made this experience so much more enjoyable. I am very thankful for this opportunity!

Yeonhae (Ann) Lee

Name: Rachel Gress

Class: MBA Student

United States

Choosing to pursue the IMBA from IÉSEG is one of the best and smartest decisions I have ever made. As an American, I decided to further my education in Europe in order to gain a holistic perspective on business, as I would like to work in a global company after finishing my studies.

I chose IÉSEG in particular for its prominent location and positive reputation regarding their programs and international focus. This program has given me the invaluable opportunity to not only work with, but learn from peers and professors from all over the world. IÉSEG also has a strong career support program; part of which enables us to meet with top business executives.

Thanks to that program, I was able to secure a post-coursework internship here in Paris at a global, billion-dollar French company early on in the year. My experience here so far has been everything I imagined and more. Not only have I learned more than I thought possible in one year, but I have also been exposed to a new culture, a new language, and have met the most wonderful people.

Rachel Gress
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