Why study an MBA in Japan?

Japan has a wonderful vantage point in the heart of Asia and can offer MBA students a unique perspective of the world in a fascinating global setting. The culturally diverse university campuses in Japan will enrich your educational experience, allowing you to make contacts that will benefit your future business career. 
Added to this, Japan has some of the fastest growing industries in the world - making it the ideal environment in which to study an international MBA program.

What international MBA programs are offered in Japan?

MBAs in Japan consist of core business classes such as accounting, finance and marketing, as well as an advanced elective. The elective course could be in a foreign language or something similar, rather than in business. You will spend different amounts of time on your core classes and electives, depending on which particular MBA course you choose. You must also take an advanced seminar, which will be worth a smaller amount than your other courses.

You can study a range of MBA specialisations in Japan, including sustainability, executive MBAs, marketing and operations management.

Immigration and visas in Japan

Business professionals wishing to study an MBA in Japan should obtain a Certificate of Eligibility and a visa, which should be applied for directly from the Japanese embassy in their home country. 

Applicants will need the following:

  • The Application for Certificate of Eligibility
  • Two passport photographs
  • Letter of acceptance from university

It is advised that you apply for your Japanese visa within plenty of time in order than it can be sufficiently processed.

What are the costs of studying for an MBA in Japan?

The cost of studying an MBA in Japan is relatively lower than other countries, making it a popular destination for business students. The average annual tuition fees for an international MBA program is 802,000 Japanese Yen, which is about £6,200. It is estimated that to live in Tokyo for a month will cost you 150,000 Japanese Yen (about £1,200), but this will depend on your circumstances and the standard of living you are after. As Tokyo is a capital city, this figure will be less if you are living elsewhere in Japan. 

Working in Japan

If you want to work in Japan after the completion of your international MBA program, you will need to change your status from College Student so the authorities are aware you are there for the purpose of employment. You can find information on how to do this on the Ministry of Justice Immigration Bureau website.

As a foreign student, the Japanese government may also be able to offer you support in finding work within a Japanese company.

What to do next

If you would like more information on choosing and applying for an MBA program in Japan, sign up to our Free Application Service. We’ll get in touch with you with information tailored to your requirements, including advice on the best business course for you.

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