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Complete University Guide: Best UK university for business & management revealed

April 28, 2015  |  
Lucy Miller

The University of Bath is the best in the UK for subjects allied to business and management, according to the newly released Complete University Guide 2016.


School_of_Management-_University_of_BathThe Guide, which acts as a clear indicator for those applying to universities in the UK, has named the university in the historic city of Bath as the top in the country.


Bath’s business and management credentials include graduate prospects of 91% (graduates in employment or further study six months after graduation), research quality of 3.2/5 and a high student satisfaction rating of 4.27.


Despite these highly ranking  scores, entry requirements of 490 (in terms of UCAS points) are significantly lower than second and third placed St Andrews University (521) and London School of Economics (520.)


Completing the top five are the universities of Warwick and Loughborough.


Bath’s high scores give it an overall score of 100, against St Andrew’s 99.5 and 97.5.


The full top ten is as follows:


1. Bath

2. St Andrews

3. London School of Economics

4. Warwick

5. Loughborough

6. Durham

7. University College London

8. King’s College London

9. Exeter

10. Lancaster


To see the full ranking of business and management courses click here.

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