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Three ways to get a top five business course

May 1, 2014  |  
Karam Filfilan

climbing ladder editAiming to get that shiny diploma from a top-rated MBA course? Join the club. It’s likely that you’ve already been through college, got the undergraduate business qualification, got your work experience and know where you want to go.


So what can you realistically change to help your chances?


1)      GMAT – The GMAT is an essential part of getting onto as top-rated an MBA course as possible. Do your preparation thoroughly and research resources well in advance. Work out which is your weakest area out of the sections and focus your learning on this.


2)      Volunteer work – You are going to be joining a community of leading business people, who – if on a top five course – are likely to have their own expertise and experience. Make sure you step up to the plate by having the necessary job titles, work experience and range of knowledge.


3)      Personal statement – This is the key to nailing a place on a top MBA course. It’s your chance to showcase why you would make the perfect candidate. You need to be able to show why you made the decisions you made in the past, how they shaped your current positions, and why you want to take an MBA to take you to the next level. Preferably while explaining why an MBA from their university could take you to the next level.


Of course, every institution will take into account a range of other factors when considering an application, and there are lots of ways you can twist your career experience or qualifications to suit your needs. Make sure you get professional advice and get ahead of the competition.

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