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MBA In International Management
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All MBA programs should evolve with the changing needs of the business world, and the ability to understand management in a global context has been one of the most important changes of the last twenty years.

Consequently, an MBA in international management is the perfect international MBA program to reflect the modern world. Focusing on communication, interaction and business in a global context, this is the perfect business course for the modern era.

What will I study on an MBA in international management?

Choosing to study an MBA in international management means committing yourself to a global program of study. All your modules and electives will focus on a global perspective. Expect core modules to focus on accounting and finance, leadership, strategic management and global economics, with a number of electives all based around global business.

Length and structure

Most international MBA programs will take between one to two years to complete full time, with part-time programs generally taking 18-36 months. However, some programs can last as long as five years to complete.

The structure of your MBA in international management will depend on the mode of study you choose. You will complete a set of core business modules before choosing your own elective specialisms.

Assessment will take place through exams, group discussions and a final project or dissertation.

How can an MBA in international management program help my career?

An international MBA program is recognised worldwide as a benchmark professional qualification. Graduating with an MBA in international management will prepare you for a career with major multinational corporations, often working abroad.

MBA graduates traditionally see a salary bump of at least 25% within one year of completing their studies.
Some of the roles you will be able to take on after completing your MBA include:

  • Entrepreneur
  • Business development manager
  • Change manager
  • Product development manager

Entry requirements

The entry requirements for an MBA in international management will vary depending on the business school and country you choose to study in. You will normally be required to attend an interview and submit references and a CV.

Most international MBA programs will require you to demonstrate the following:

  • A set period of relevant work experience
  • Previous management qualification
  • GMAT score
  • Language proficiency
  • Successful interview

What to do next

If you would like more information on an MBA in international management or other international MBA programs, sign up for our Free Application Service to view a selection of leading MBA programs around the world and to apply online.

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