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Why study an MBA in Brazil?

Traditionally, most Bazillian business students would abroad to further their business careers, jetting off to MBA programs in Latin America and the US. However, Brazil’s growing economy, financial stability and international appeal means that many Brazillians, Latin Americans and international students are now considering studying an MBA program in Brazil.

What international MBA programs are offered in Brazil?

While the quality and variety of MBA programs in Brazil is not under question, choosing to study an MBA in Brazil still means making some compromises. For example, the vast majority of business courses in Brazil are taught part-time, due to the high interest rate on student loans. While this might not be an issue for international students, it’s still worth being aware of if you prefer a full-time program.

Secondly, the majority of MBAs in Brazil are taught in Portuguese, meaning that your language skills will have to be up-to-date to make best use of the course.

Immigration and visas in Brazil

Most students coming to study an international program in Brazil will need to obtain a student visa from the Brazilian government. In order to get the visa, you will need to demonstrate the following:

  • Original passport valid for six months after the end of the course
  • Copy of a letter of acceptance from an approved Brazilian institution
  • Proof of finances for the duration of the stay

Once you are in Brazil, you will have to register with your local branch of the Federal Police within 30 days of your arrival. If you don’t, you’ll be charged a tax for each day you go past the 30 day limit and it may harm your chances of applying for a visa renewal or extension.

As with all visa applications, you should check with the local embassy or consulate in your country.

What are the costs of studying for an MBA in Brazil?

As most MBA programs in Brazil are taught part time, there is the option to spread your tuition fee payments over two years. As a guide, you should expect to pay around $30,000 for an international MBA program at a Brazilian business school.

Working in Brazil

Brazil is one of the world’s fastest growing economies and has the largest national economy in Latin America according to the International Monetary Fund. Brazil has seen rapid growth in several sectors over the last few years, particularly in agriculture, engineering, food manufacturing and renewable energy.

As with most developing countries, Brazil also has a large services sector. English speaking students will be more likely to get opportunities in big cities like Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paolo, Brasilia and Porto Alegre, but a working knowledge of Portuguese is also important.

What to do next

If you would like more information on choosing and applying for an MBA program in Brazil, sign up to our Free Application Service. We’ll get in touch with you with information tailored to your requirements, including advice on the best business course for you.

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