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Why study for an MBA in Italy?

Italy offers business professionals a relaxed culture but serious business education. Italy is home to some of Europe’s most respected business course providers, with an excellent mixture of global, executive and specialised MBA courses.
Choosing to study an international MBA program in Italy will allow you to build contacts in one of Europe’s most influential countries, with a reputation for excellence in business.

What international MBA programs are offered in Italy?

Italy is a popular destination for business professionals looking to study an international MBA program. Italy offers a wealth of industry-related MBA specialisations, including programs in aviation management, hospitality and tourism and brand management.

Most MBA programs in Italy will take between a year and 18 months to complete, depending on the institution and type of MBA you choose to study.

Immigration and visas in Italy

EU students are able to come and study an international MBA program in Italy providing you are studying at an approved institution for more than three months and have sufficient income to support yourself.

Non-EU students will need to apply for a visa dependent on their nationality. You will generally need to show the following, regardless of your nationality:

  • You have a confirmed place on a course at a recognised education institution
  • You are not already in the country on a tourist or business visa
  • You have paid all relevant visa fees
  • You have sufficient funds to support yourself
  • You have comprehensive health insurance cover

What are the costs of studying for an MBA in Italy?

The cost of studying an MBA program in Italy varies depending on the course and institution you choose to study. As a guide, you should expect to pay your tuition fees in instalments. A full-time MBA program in Italy will cost somewhere between €25,000 and €50,000 depending on the popularity of the course.

You may also have to pay small admission fees and pre-course extras, such as study materials or residential.

Working in Italy

Italy’s economy has contracted recently after the recession, but has traditionally been strong – it was the ninth largest economy in the world in 2012. Italy’s economy focuses on trade and exports, particularly in the luxury market and products such as supercars and major fashion brands – indeed, Italy is one of the few countries in the world where you can study MBAs in luxury goods and brands.

However, Italy suffers from poor infrastructure which affects its economy. Almost 85% of its energy is imported and state bureaucracy often hinders growth. With high debts, Italy’s economy is expected to continue contracting in the future, making it a fascinating case study for financial MBA students.

What to do next

If you would like more information on choosing and applying for an MBA program in Italy, sign up to our Free Application Service. We’ll get in touch with you with information tailored to your requirements, including advice on the best business course for you.

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