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Why study an MBA in New Zealand?

New Zealand is a beautiful, unique country which is already popular with international students – and is now looking to attract professionals looking to improve their careers with an international MBA program.
Studying an MBA in New Zealand has traditionally not been on the radar of many professionals, with most opting to study in neighbouring Australia. However, New Zealand recently gained its first entry into the top 200 MBA programs in the world (Otago Business School) and its other schools are growing in popularity and recognition.

What international MBA programs are offered in New Zealand?

Although few, New Zealand does offer a full complement of MBA programs. These focus mostly on full-time programs and executive MBAs, with full-time MBAs taking one year to complete and part-time programs two.

You can take MBA programs on both the North and South islands, with a distance learning MBA also available from the Manukau Institute of Technology in Auckland.

Immigration and visas in New Zealand

International students planning to study full time business courses for more than three months will need a student visa and a student permit, unless your home country has a special agreement with New Zealand.

Contact the New Zealand embassy in the country you live in for details of how to obtain your visa and permit. You will have to meet certain health requirements and pay a fee to apply.

What are the costs of studying for an MBA in New Zealand?

The cost of an international MBA program in New Zealand will vary depending on the institution and mode of study you opt for. As a guide, you should expect a full-time MBA program to cost between NZ$30,000-$50,000 (£15,000 -£26,000).

Living costs in New Zealand are generally cheaper than in European countries.

Working in New Zealand

New Zealand is a popular country for immigrants from Asia, the UK and Europe, and many business professionals look to settle in New Zealand once they complete their MBA studies.

If you would like to live and work in New Zealand permanently, you will need to obtain a visa or work permit. You can learn more about whether you qualify for one of these on the Immigration New Zealand website.

Particular growth industries in New Zealand include horticulture and viticulture. Since Peter Jackson’s award-winning Lord of the Rings trilogy, the New Zealand film industry has grown considerably. There also continue to be shortages in engineering, teaching, biotechnology, healthcare, IT and the creative industries, in which jobs are in higher demand.

What to do next

If you would like more information on choosing and applying for an MBA program in New Zealand, sign up to our Free Application Service. We’ll get in touch with you with information tailored to your requirements, including advice on the best business course for you.

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