Distance Learning MBA from a UK business school

There are various ways that you can go about studying for your MBA. It is likely that full-time programmes will not be for everyone – often they require a career break, or at least some amount of extra time away from work, since the majority of those on MBA courses are already established business professionals. Clearly, the time off and potential loss of income is in many cases not an option.

A distance learning MBA provides a number of alternative approaches to your business education. It is effectively a type of part-time programme – you can work in your own time and around your own schedule, but you will still have to meet deadlines set by the university.

Infrequent but regular attendance is required and there are deadlines and group involvement. The programme will be made up of home study, supported by a variety of aids and tutorial help. For those already firmly established in work who want to add to their skills, high quality distance learning MBA programmes have a lot of advantages.

Most distance learning MBA programmes offer a lot of time flexibility and can be studied in remote locations – essentially, from wherever you happen to be. Distance MBA teaching is probably the best for practical skills, when detailed feedback on performance is required.  

How to choose a business school

There are a wide variety of distance learning courses offered by UK institutions. Some UK universities offer their MBA programmes through a variety of routes, and although the process of distance learning is different the end result is the same.

For a distance learning MBA the course offered is defined by the course material rather than other factors, e.g. the teaching quality, since you will have to be largely motivated to work independently. All students should get essentially the same quality of degree, so check that the same programme is offered by the university to its full time MBA students. This is one of the strongest indicators of a quality programme.

There are likely to be a number of factors involved in choosing which online MBA you are going to apply for. As well as the obvious things, such as the academic reputation of the university, you may also want to think about whether the course will require you to attend in person, meaning you will have to take time off work, and whether there is an exam test centre close to where you live. Looking into these things before you apply for courses is likely to make things much easier when you are completing the MBA.

Independent guidance on courses can also be given by professional institutions or organisations such as the Association of MBAs (AMBA), who are able to offer their views impartially. 

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